trUe love

The Ultimate Journey of Real Self-Love and Empowerment

A 6- Week Self Study Online Program for mothers, single women, souls who are healing, and anyone ready to learn what TRUE self-love is.

WARNING: This program does not contain wishy-washy stuff.

You're probably...

  • Hiding and shying away from your full expression.
  • Feeling out of touch with yourself after or during a relationship, being single or in or after motherhood.
  • Feeling lonely, confused and scared about what's next for you.
  • On the hamster wheel of self-sabotaging yourself daily be it through inner talk, emotional eating or poor lifestyle choices.
  • Obsessing over your body, your flaws, imperfections and getting bogged down by feelings of shame, guilt and fear.
  • Comparing yourself to others and questioning why you can't have what they have.
  • Feeling worthless, self-sabotaging, and missing out on your full essence and potential.

You're ready to...

  • Scrap the apologetic mindset and feel sexy, confident and empowered being authentically you.

  • Learn how to truly fall in love with yourself inside and out.

  • Understand what real long-lasting self-love and care look like so that you have tools to maintain a healthy relationship with YOU no matter what happens in life.

  • Switch your power back on and make better choices for yourself and your energy.

  • Stop playing small and build up your own self-esteem.

  • Be the leading role in your life, no more waiting to be saved by someone else.

  • Connect with your body and really love what you've been blessed with.

  • Step up your boundaries and protect your energy.

Guiding you to true self-love...

For years now I have been frustrated to see the short-term solutions that coaches provide for self-loving.

Self-love gets mixed up with self-care often and self-love runs much deeper than most coaches guide you through.

I am so passionate about helping you understand long-term and impacting self-love, commitment and empowerment.

A kind of love that doesn't fade or cheat.

As a certified practitioner in NLP, Mindfulness, TFT, EFT, Yoga, Yin, Meditation, Trauma, Voice, Dance and Movement, I combine embodiment work, energy medicine, spirituality and psychology to help women completely rewire and step into REAL self-love, true expression and total leadership.

Why this program?

I am an expert in my field and I'm passionate about making long-lasting impact, not short-term solutions.

I'm also an expert at overcoming low vibrations aka "the baggage".

After 19 years (diagnosed at 8 years old) of dealing with depression, stress, anxiety, severe OCD, body dysmorphia, panic attacks, insomnia (the list goes on)...and being bullied, experiencing six relationships, a failed engagement and plenty of healing heartbreak....

I healed myself through a holistic approach in a short amount of time and self-love was at the root of my transformation.

I've tested all kinds of modalities on my own journey, invested and wasted money, and I know what's effective and what's not.

As an Energy Psychology, Voice, Empowerment & Expression Coach, I offer clients a range of dynamic tools, techniques and mindset shifts for transformation and real, sustainable energy management.

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trUe love

A Self- Study Program For Women

A 6- Week Program for mothers, single women, heartbroken souls, and anyone ready to learn what TRUE self-love is.

Here's what we'll go through...

Rediscovering yourself and what your NEXT level looks like.

Hushing the Inner Critic and Self Beater within so that your heart can be open and ready for MORE.

Learning to be alone and not LONELY.

Building a relationship with your body as it changes and matures.

Being your own provider, lover and cheerleader without being needy of others or waiting to be saved.

Becoming FULLY worthy for everything your heart desires and building a strong self-belief system.

Learn to embody CONFIDENCE and own your expression.

Protecting your energy and inner relationship.

Stepping into Authentic Embodiment that is attractive AF, EMPOWERING and unapologetic!

Practicing real Self-Acceptance and Belief.

Healing low vibrational emotions that slow you down like shame, guilt and fear.

I'm in!
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What's Included:

  • 5 x 75 mins Weekly Group Coaching Sessions Online (5 mindset/rewire sessions and 1 embodiment session.)

  • True Self-Love and Healing Guided Meditation

  • 1 x Self-Soothing and Empowering Embodiment Practice for releasing shame, guilt, fear and reigniting your fire

All sessions can be worked through in your own time. Program access is valid for one year.

Current Success Stories

Karen, Rebekah, Sophie, Charlotte, Sanny and Dani...

The work I have done with Alyssa has been transformational, it is a journey and I am still on board but it has been important for me to do the more intensive experiences of the euphoria programme.

I am a therapist so I believe fully in the verbal expression of emotion from past and present as a way of healing mental and physical ill health, however there were always times this wasn’t enough. For me, I to have done personal therapy but working in a stressful environment during lockdown led me into a full stress reaction both mentally and physically and it was moving my body in yoga and doing relaxation and meditation that helped me, firstly to cope with the current situation and then to become aware of what I was holding in my body by way of blocked emotion from the past.

I came to realise that all my chakras were misaligned due to issues I wasn’t addressing in most, if not all of my relationships and areas of life such as unhappiness in work and feeling overwhelmed with everything else, such as feeling I wasn’t giving enough to anyone else. Alyssa helped me to see I wasn’t giving enough to myself and that fundamentally that had to change before I could ever feel like I could be enough for anyone else. This helped me to see that it was because of never having been given enough space in my own childhood to express my emotions that I had internalised the belief that others should come first or were always the priority, leaving me feeling empty inside and lost.

Joining Alyssa helped me feel a sense of belonging to a group again and gave me a sense of being accepted by others and therefore acceptable. While the change had to come from within there is a power that comes from others believing in you and them saying ‘Charlotte you are enough’.

Alyssa has helped me to see that for the full processing of trauma to occur movement and body work are essential components of the overall recovery journey and this will help me now to guide others in the right direction when blocks arise in talking therapy. It has also helped me to see that in order to prevent a stress reaction from recurring, I have to do regular work on unblocking emotion, still trapped in my body from years of suppressing my emotions as a child and work on the free expression of emotion to prevent this build up from happening again.

This requires regular journaling, movement and meditation. Yoga is much more than flexibility and posture it is about mind and body moving out of stress, into a state where everything can be felt and therefore faced, without a fear of it being overwhelming.

It changes lives, so give yourself this chance, Alyssa is so compassionate and shows no judgement what so ever, but offers total acceptance of you for all that you are and this and her personality is what carries you through the pain you may feel and opens up the possibility of real change occurring from within you, at your inner most core.

I was immediately drawn to Alyssa’s positive aura and energy. Once I learned about Alyssa’s coaching, I knew this was what I needed. Ka-jing seemed to fit exactly what I needed being a new mum that was tired, depleted and in need of some help.

Alyssa helped me to recognise that I carried an immense about of guilt, shame and lower vibration emotions that were weighing me down and putting me in a state of suffering following the birth of my baby and being a new mum. She helped me to recognise the things that were not serving me e.g. language I was using, beating myself up or trying to me a perfectionist. She helped me learn to love my light and dark sides without judgement. After having just 1-2 sessions with Alyssa I felt immediate results it was almost a snowball effect of positive changes.

My relationships have improved, I’m enjoying more time with my daughter, I was having so much more gratitude for what I have, I feel more in control of my feelings and my sense of purpose and direction in life. I almost felt frustrated with myself that I had wasted so much of my life not enjoying life to its fullest, but grateful that Alyssa had helped me see things more clearly and lift me out of a dark place. 

The program also helped me tap into my inner intuition and learning to trust my own decisions. I am feeling so much more confident in myself and being myself. 

As a results of the program, I have since taken up a new job, studying towards a new course and I have found time to experience more fun and joy in life and especially enjoying being a new mum. I have also become more self-aware of my emotions and feelings so I can deal with crisis when it occurs.

A combination of Alyssa’s 1-2-1 coaching, her yoga sessions and meditation all helped to make this possible. I am so thankful to Alyssa for all her support!!

Alyssa has given me so many amazing tools and recommendations to work with which I could choose from to work for me. Alyssa is very practical and clearly knows her stuff in this field and I have learned so much from her. The visualisation tools particularly resonated with me and the work on letting go. 


I really like that Alyssa always made me feel I could reach out to her if I needed and provided a safe environment for me to express myself.


If you can get any chance to work with Alyssa on one of her programs I would highly recommend as it is life changing!  She has a very gentle, supportive and practical approach to her coaching styles and you get so much value from every encounter with her.


Alyssa is amazing and I really connected with her, she is such a beautiful soul! I couldn’t have wished for a better mentor. If anyone is debating whether they should go for the program, I would say GO FOR IT you won’t regret it and it will be the best investment in yourself. Alyssa is more than just a coach / mentor she is like family!

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You're done...

  • Playing victim and not reaching your full potential in life
  • Feeling stuck and stagnated in your personal and spiritual growth
  • Letting emotions obstruct your growth
  • Letting life's circumstances pull you down

You're ready to...

  • Take action now
  • Trust and believe in yourself to make change
  • Connect to your higher self and take responsability
  • Commit to your development
  • Raise vibration and live life fully!


Is this group coaching or 1:1?

This is an online study at your own pace program.

Where and when do sessions take place?

All sessions are accessed through an online portal. Access to this space is valid for one year from purchase.

How long are the calls?

Sessions are 75 minutes plus.

When will I feel results?

Most clients feel it after the first session, and the work is continuous from that point. The more you embody, the more you rise.

trUe love offers you life-long tools to take with you, continue building a relationship with yourself and use forever.

What's the investment look like for trUe love?

trUe love

6-week Online Coaching Program

  • 6 x 75 mins Weekly Group Coaching Sessions Online (5 mindset, mindfulness and rewiring sessions and 1 embodiment)

  • True Self-Love and Healing Guided Meditation

  • 1 x Self-Soothing and Empowering Embodiment Practice for releasing shame, guilt, fear and reigniting your fire

This is a self-study program.

I'm so ready!

Energy exchange for this deep dive is...