Manifest your most EPIC life.

Master Your Energy Field

And Embody A Life You Love

When did you decide you don't get to have it all?

Healthy Relationships and Emotional Freedom

Purpose, Passion and Energy

Health, Wealth and Adventure

Why Become a Vibrational Hacker?

At some point you let EPIC be removed from your mentality and chose to follow the status quo.

It's ok! We haven't been taught how to thrive and how to answer our highest callings.

It's now time to honor your desires, access your epicness and uplevel your life.

This is what EPIC looks like:


Emotional Freedom and More Energy

No more feeling overwhelmed and being controlled by low emotions and fatigue.


Successful Quality Manifestations

Tap into infinite possibility and become magnetic for your desires.


Purpose and Potential

Ever felt like you were destined for more? You have purpose and a higher calling. You are extremely valuable to the world. Harness your potential, tap into your purpose and let your epicness start.


Experience a Deeply Authentic Meaningful Life

When did you settle for OK or just getting by?  Isn't the best outcome to live with no regret and do what you came here to do? Your life has meaning and truth and you deserve to experience it.


Improved Relationships

You lose power when you try to master someone else's energy because you have no power in any energy field other than that of your own. Your vibration is how you impact those around you. Inspire and heal your relationships through your own calibration work and watch how others raise their game to meet your level.

Bring Your Soul's Desires Into Manifestation...


Learn How to Work With Your Vibration And The Quantum Field

Everything is energy. When you master yours you realize you have more power than you ever thought or were told. Through energy awareness and mastery you get to work with the quantum energy field of the universe to draw in what you desire. It's an inside to outside job.


Rewire Your Mind And Build A New Belief System

Remove the attitude diseases and false beliefs that have stopped you from thriving this whole time. Clear the limited mindset and create a positive one. Law of attraction, baby!


Retrain Your Nervous System So You Can Embody Your Purpose And All You Are Worth

When we witness change, the nervous system freaks out. Training our nervous system helps us to hold and receive more of life's pleasures, imprint new behaviors, emotionally heal, regulate and embrace challenges with ease and grace.


Unlock Your Expression, Heart and Inner Leadership

Marrying the heart, throat and solar plexus is essential in you gaining access to your highest self. When connected to the highest version of yourself you are UNABLE to be manipulated, programmed, intimidated and controlled. You are UN-MESS-WITH-ABLE, confident, compassionate and POWERFUL.


Manage Your Energy, Release And Clear Negative Emotions

When you master energy by clearing the emotional blocks and disturbances in your field, you step into infinite potential and you get to cultivate more of what you want. Life gets to be easy! This is the law of vibration which comes before the law of attraction!

A Life-Changing 10-Week Container

The coaching and experience you will receive...

In this time we cover all grounds of the HUMAN. You not only gain an understanding of how to work with vibration and create an EPIC life but you are given the tools to emotionally unblock, shift states and embody new behaviors which will serve you amazingly when life's obstacles occur.


Emotional and Energy Management Training


Nervous System Regulation and Embodiment Techniques


Mindset Rewire and

New Belief System

What's Involved...

10 -Week Self-Study Program and free access to VIBE

Vibe Hacker can be done in 10 weeks or as long as it takes you! You will have access to this course for one year.

What's VIBE?

Vibe is a virtual space for you to access all the resources you need in one place to raise your vibration. You will have access VIBE for 10 weeks from purchasing this program.

Vibe is space to become embodied, rewire the mind and regulate your nervous system. It's packed with extra workshops (27 modules) and over 250 Mind-body practices, yoga, meditations, mantra, music and more...

What do I need?

A journal, pen, quiet space and internet.

How do I know if this is right for me?

Are you living your most epic life? If not...


It's time to access your highest self personally and professionally.

How much of your life has changed from last year?

The same family frustrations, the same demanding boss who overlooks you, the same demanding career that doesn’t advance, the trips that haven't been booked because of poor health, lack of money, or time?

Listen to your calling, and consider your worth. You deserve MORE.

Are there Payment Plans available?

Yes, there are. You can pay in 2 or 3 installments but there is interest on each plan. You can see your options on the sign-up page below.

Is my place refundable?

Once you have paid for your place YOU ARE IN the program, there are no refunds or deferrals.

Doors are open...

Hack Your Vibration and Manifest Your Most Epic Life...

I'm in!

Meet Your Mentor and Coach

Alyssa Martyn is an Energy Psychology, Voice, Empowerment, Biz & Life Coach with a profound and unique approach that has helped hundreds of humans heal, thrive and make impact.


She works with people from all walks of life including Therapists, Psychologists, Doctors, Holistic teachers, Practitioners, Speakers, Mature Women and New Mums. Every woman is welcome!


Her work guides people to master their energy (emotions), hack their vibration, unlock their expression, reclaim their voice and step into magnetism for calling in what the soul desires.


Diagnosed at just 8 years old, Alyssa suffered with chronic anxiety, stress, OCD and severe depression for 19 years. She also moved through body dysmorphia, bullying and suicidal thinking.


Alyssa combines her personal experience moving through mental health disorders (and eliminating them naturally) with years of work utilising specific modalities that retrain the nervous system, retrain the mind, activate the heart and help heal emotional blocks at the root.


With years of experience working closely with women, she guides them to step into real self-leadership, authenticity, contribution, purpose, abundance and alignment.

Alyssa's training, experience and modalities you receive...

  • Neuroliniguistic Programming
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • Breathwork
  • Emotional Freedom Tapping
  • Thought Freedom Tapping
  • Energy Medicine
  • Yin and Multi Style Yoga
  • Yoga for Healing Trauma, anxiety and stress
  • Peter Levine Healing Trauma
  • Energy Psychology
  • Meditation
  • Mantra
  • Jungian Psychology
  • Shadow Work
  • Voice and Singing
  • Dance and Movement
  • Performance Management
  • 19 years of diagnosed mental health issues and healing holistically.

Weekly Coaching (10 weeks) with Alyssa Martyn 60-90 mins

WORTH £2999

Emotional and Energy Management Training

WORTH £1999

Nervous System Regulation and Embodiment Technique

WORTH £1999

Mindset Rewire and New Belief System training

WORTH £1999

VIBE Membership

WORTH £2999

A Safe Supportive Community (Whatsapp)


You Pay Just...


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Clients Success Stories


Psychological Therapist

I was struggling to find general ‘peace’ in my
life. I just felt I needed to heal from a lifetime of on and off mental health problems. I
wanted to learn how to reach a higher vibration but also learn to shift the negative
energetic state I felt in my body. As a Psychological therapist, I am much better at working
with the mind, but less with the body. I wanted to learn to bring it all together and this is
what this course helped me do. It’s something completely different and I had never done
anything like this before. I wanted to connect with my deeper self and just generate positive
energy within me, but also around me. I wanted to learn to improve my relationships with
others, but also with myself.

Since doing the course, I have noticed such a difference with consciousness around
breathing. I have also learned to let go of people that no longer serve me as I was holding
onto them for a long time. I have learned about masculine and feminine energies and just
about trying to get a balance of the two. I know I needed to be kinder to myself for sure and
slow down day to day. I learned more about myself, my needs, my shortfalls but also ways
to emotionally regulate myself when I need to.

I would absolutely recommend this programme to anyone who is wanting to tap into their
spiritual side, but also build that closeness between mind and body work. It holds you
accountable to do the work and really helps you feel less alone what with you are facing. I
felt at my highest vibration whilst doing the course.



I've been showing up for others in my work and at home without giving back to myself, this meant that I was burning out and feeling completely off balance. What I didn't realise was the impact the past was having on me today and how it was actually coming through in every avenue of my life. 

Alyssa has helped me clear, reset and take a completely different approach to my life. A more feminine approach. 

Something I had no idea about was the different energies and how to manage mine!

Alyssa, you are an angel who has changed my life, in all the self-development work I have done never have I been clearer in where I'm going and what I want.

I have worked with a few life coaches now but Alyssa's energy has penetrated my whole being and my life.


Mental Health Therapist

"The work I have done with Alyssa has been transformational.


I came to realise that all my chakras were misaligned due to issues I wasn’t addressing in most, if not all of my relationships and areas of life such as unhappiness in work and feeling overwhelmed with everything else, such as feeling I wasn’t giving enough to anyone else. Alyssa helped me to see I wasn’t giving enough to myself and that fundamentally that had to change before I could ever feel like I could be enough for anyone else. This helped me to see that it was because of never having been given enough space in my own childhood to express my emotions that I had internalized the belief that others should come first or were always the priority, leaving me feeling empty inside and lost.

Alyssa has helped me to see that for the full processing of trauma to occur movement and bodywork are essential components of the overall recovery journey and this will help me now to guide others in the right direction when blocks arise in talking therapy. It has also helped me to see that in order to prevent a stress reaction from recurring, I have to do regular work on unblocking emotion, still trapped in my body from years of suppressing my emotions as a child and work on the free expression of emotion to prevent this build-up from happening again.

It changes lives, so give yourself this chance, Alyssa is so compassionate and shows no judgment whatsoever, but offers total acceptance of you for all that you are and this and her personality is what carries you through the pain you may feel and opens up the possibility of real change occurring from within you, at your innermost core."


Children's Counsellor

"It is so easy to let go in your sessions Alyssa or should I say, I am finding that I can let go more and more since joining your programs.  


So much resonates with me as an individual and as a professional - I am so aware that I am nodding so much in agreement with things you teach and say that I wonder if my head might fall off!


I am like a sponge in the sessions - absorbing every word!


Thanks to your teaching and guidance - it enables me to be truly present for clients and it helps them to safely process their life difficulties.  But basically, to say, your teaching is so far-reaching - what an incredible cycle of energy sharing. 


So once again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!"


A few months ago, I was lost, surrounded by dark clouds, with no true purpose and no life satisfaction. I was just existing.

But one day, during one of Lys's yoga classes, I felt a powerful connection.  My heart was lifted by the melody of her singing and my soul was touched by the loving energy emerging.  Something woke up inside me.  I took it as my calling, my turning point, the chance to stop existing and start living my life!

So I became a member of the Self Collective community.

Ly's has created such an amazing virtual space.  All the tools I needed were at my disposal 24/7. I was hooked, I could not get enough and I still can't.  So through the workshops, the reading, the meditation, the yoga classes, the podcasts, the playlists, the general recommendations:

I rediscovered Inner Love and started to love myself again, I acknowledged that I had everything in me to be happy, to be free, and to reach my full potential, I learned to let go of my negative feelings and to surrender to the loving energy,

I kept an open mind and put my trust in the Universe, I dug deep to find my power, the power of the NOW, the power of I AM. I became eager to learn and to grow even more, so I embarked on the Power of You, a series of personalized one to one sessions with Lys. During one of the workshops I had a Eureka moment, it all suddenly made sense to me and I realized what my purpose was.  I have always been passionate about healthy eating, nutrition, sports, and holistic therapies. So I have decided to go back to college to train to become a nutritionist and two days ago I registered at a college in Birmingham and I start on the 1st of January.

It is never too late or you are never too old to follow your calling, your dream, your passion.  Just take the jump.

My life has become so exciting, so easy flowing, so full of happy moments and encounters and I know this is only the beginning!

I am going to keep learning, I am going to keep growing,  I am going to keep sharing and I am going to keep giving because there is no limit to the LOVING energy of the Universe.

Lys, my heart is filled with love, appreciation, and gratitude for you, your work, your knowledge, your creativity, your mentoring, your singing, and being who YOU ARE.

So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.  You are AMAZING.